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Jen is a social neuroscience researcher turned user experience designer at Cooper. In her work, Jen couples her conceptual, creative side with analytical processes and a big dose of empathy. An adept designer, Jen is able to spring from strategic work to detailed wireframes with ease. Her background in research and her degrees in Psychology and Biochemistry from Rice university give Jen an objective perspective to uncovering user insights. In her past life, Jen studied fMRI brain scans in basement labs before jumping into the deep end of UX at various non-profit startups. Outside of work, Jen is likely scribbling poetry, exploring new nooks in NYC, or holding absurd conversations with people she just met.

Her rubik's cube record? 40 seconds flat.

Once, Ian McKellen used her sharpie.

Jen takes Christmas seriously. Very seriously.

If she could live in any nerd universe, Star Trek is where it's at.

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Leading Creative Ideation

Jen shares all of her design tricks and tools as a lead teacher in this class.  

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Planned Parenthood

Uniting LGBTQ+ teens through social media

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