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Jayson is a Principal Visual Designer at Cooper whose keen conceptual abilities are blended with pixel-perfect specification and fine art skills. He has designed interfaces, identities, and visual systems for companies such as Practice Fusion, Boston Scientific, Amgen, Pwc, and Intel. Jayson graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a BS in Applied Art and Science, where he also created, produced and hosted an award-winning weekly radio show “All in the Family.” Jayson was also a visual-interaction designer with EFI and is an acclaimed painter, photographer and street artist who often has gallery showings throughout San Francisco. 

Jayson grew up in the small town of Bayside, California.

Madonna is Jayson's spirit animal.

Favorite Book? Thinking Fast and Slow.

A true bipedal, Jayson has never owned a vehicle.

See what Jayson's been working on.

visual design

Designed a multi-model, intravenous ultrasound software used in cardiac diagnostic and interventional procedures.

visual design

Crafted a cohesive and approachable visual language.


2013 Interaction Design Award - Best in Category for Practice Fusion

passion project


Jayson creates amazing works of art using LEGO bricks as a paintbrush. 


Jayson holds a patent for improving the acquisition, display, and analysis of ophthalmic diagnostic data. 

Success Story

Northern Arizona University

Creating a fresh engagement strategy


Three Unexpected Benefits of Learning the Core Elements of Visual Design

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