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Iris is the Engagement Manager at Cooper. Here she applies the tools of design thinking to craft each client’s experience with Cooper. A key differentiator, Iris has created new, strategic processes for supporting clients throughout their engagement, and helps Cooper to deliver greater impact to organizations. In addition to her strategic work, Iris partners closely with the design teams to find creative ways to build meaningful relationships. With a keen eye for detail and thoughtful collaboration skills, Iris helps to deliver a great working experience for Cooperistas and clients alike.

Before Iris joined Cooper, she worked as consultant at Lindamood-Bell, a remedial education provider, in New York, then in San Francisco. When she’s not at Cooper, Iris enjoys playing pinball, laying down sick beats, and wishing she had a dog.

Her spirit animal? Pikachu. Obviously.

Like every true Dutch person, she could basically bike before walking.

Iris's hometown is Oosterbeek, the Netherlands (a small little city along the Rijn).

Her favorite book is The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

See what Iris's been working on.


Strategic Engagement

Iris designs and delivers engagement strategies for Cooper’s clients.


Business Development

Always looking for ways to spark new relationships, Iris hosts events small and large.


Cooper Professional Education

Iris works closely with the Professional Education team to create value for attendees of our public courses.


A Designer’s Guide to Naming & Branding Conference Rooms


Designing Culture Bicoastally

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