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Holly Thorsen is the Associate Director of Professional Education at Cooper. She is also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. A veteran of Apple, Stanford, and the improv stage, Holly specializes in helping individuals and teams build creative confidence through interactive training programs and coaching leaders to make the change stick.

Holly comes to Cooper after six years at Apple as a lead designer for the channel sales training team, where she designed and produced global programs to train field salespeople. During her time there, Holly helped the leadership team define Apple’s vision for customer experience, was part of the team that launched Apple Watch, and led an 18-month internal campaign to adopt Design Thinking within Apple. Recently, Holly led a training for 70 leaders who spoke 7 different languages from 5 global regions.

When she’s not shaping design leaders, you can find Holly knitting intricate scarves, creating recipes from scratch, competing in triathlons, rock climbing, and spending time with her new nephew. 

See what Holly's been working on.

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