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Emma is Cooper’s Director of Product Design. She’s a stickler for quality and a hopeless optimist; she gets really excited when faced with a new challenge. Emma has spent her career finding ways to uncover what’s meaningful and translate it to design, and she loves helping others do the same. 

Emma’s work at Cooper spans strategy, interaction design, and visual design. She shares her knowledge through Cooper Professional Education, leading workshops and custom training. Internally, Emma contributes to practice direction, project leadership, mentorship, brand positioning, business development, and endless whiteboard doodles. 

Emma brings to the table a degree in Philosophy from Wesleyan, an MFA in Graphic Design from Maryland Institute College of Art, and more than a decade of industry experience. When not at Cooper, she serves as Creative Director for City+County Bicycle Co. and takes time to read, paint, snack, and relax in nature.

Grew up in New England, and loves the permanent September of the Bay Area

Emma has driven across the country 5 times

Not a vampire: She could eat garlic for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Emma's spirit animal is an otter: playful, but fierce

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Creative Leadership


Helping Cooper's designers grow their practice

Creative Leadership

Engagement Lead

Leading the design process while fostering the relationship between design teams and clients

Creative Leadership

Practice Development

Defining, developing, and advancing the horizontal practice of product design 

Product Design

Web Team

Making Cooper's website useful, beautiful, and compelling


Design Leadership

Teaching designers how to communicate, collaborate, and become leaders

Success Story


Becoming the market leader

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