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Elisha is a Senior Developer and Designer at Cooper. With deep roots in both software and design, he is just as at home discussing motivation and perception as functional reactive programming. This broad interest and experience is evident in his work. Elisha has designed and built data analysis platforms, social networks, web frameworks, interfaces for medical professionals and more. His ability to understand problems in both system- and user-centered ways brings teams together and helps create solutions that are impactful and achievable.

When he’s not making the future happen, Elisha can be found sharpening a hand plane, practicing a flamenco falseta or patching a modular synth.

One day, Elisha ran 50 miles. 5-0.

Education: Books, the internet & many late nights in front of a computer.

Spirit animal: Deer. Nope, no explanation.

Ask Elisha about: Fermentation, or ya know, anything.

See what Elisha's been working on.


Explored and defined the future user experience for a range of multi-user applications.


Customized a new kind of web experience for a venture capital firm.


Technical Consulting

Advising clients and Cooper about the extent of and emerging abilities of computers.


Development Liason

Translating UX Design work into technically feasible systems for clients' development teams.


Interaction Awards Best in Category, Optimizing for Practice Fusion


Elisha has three patents in social bookmarking and recommendation systems.


Web Team 

Keeping Cooper's website in tip-top shape. 

Success Story


Becoming the market leader


A Brief History of Web Publishing

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