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As Cooper’s Partnerships Consultant, Daniela applies her keen understanding of human motivations and expectations to ensure prospective and existing clients alike have a delightful experience with Cooper from first impression until project kickoff. This involves everything from thoughtful and proactive relationship building to multi-faceted project management to make clients happy and successful. She also works alongside our business development and engagement teams to design and implement new strategies to better connect Cooper to our clients and the world.

Daniela brings a background in psychology, business, and leadership from the University of Virginia. In her free time, she can be found hunting for hiking trails around the Bay, attempting to master a new yoga pose, or watching Arrested Development. Again.

Daniela’s Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw, and her Patronus is a lynx.

Daniela’s arch nemesis? Bananas, obviously.

She co-hosted a radio show in college under the name "DJ Squared."

Once engaged in an Anchorman quote-off with a friend that lasted almost ten minutes.

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