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In her role as a Senior Interaction Designer, Christina applies over fifteen years of design research and strategy to uncovering the needs, goals, and behaviors of users and then applying this knowledge to appropriate and meaningful design solutions for products and services. The majority of her work has focused on health and wellness projects ranging from research into the changing face of senior living, to the development of medical software, platforms and tools. In addition she has worked on a range of consumer and financial products for clients including Google, Advil, Stearns and Foster, Prime Therapeutics, Nokia Siemens Network, Seagate and Chase, to name a few.

She is the founder of, Give and Take, a community-based project that develops services, activities and events to circulate shared local resources. As a service designer, Christina is interested in new collaborative-based economies and is exploring how to create value out of shared and open resources in ways that balance personal self-interest with the good of the larger community.

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