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Christian is a 10-year veteran of creating digital products for businesses and individuals alike. He has done work as a web producer, art director, UX designer, and creative director for projects big and small. A skilled collaborator, his ability to solve problems at all levels, from the tiny details to high-level concepts and strategy, underscore his work as a designer.

Christian has a Bachelor’s degree in English from Binghamton University, where he discovered his love for design by creating websites and flyers for bands, artists, and campus events. Christian’s passion for creating great design is only surpassed by his love of music and playing the drums—he is probably humming a tune while sketching a new design as we speak.

Addicted to the WTF Podcast.

Loves Prospect Park.

Uses a standing desk.

Afraid of goats.

See what Christian's been working on.

Creative Leadership

Practice Development

Defining, developing, and advancing the visual design & branding practice.

Creative Leadership

Creative Direction

Leading the design process from concept to detailed production.


Leading Creative Ideation

Christian shares all of his design tricks and tools as a lead teacher in this class.


2016 Interaction Awards Finalist, TrafficBridge. 


Winner: "Best Website"

Success Story

Extreme Reach

Lean and Agile design for TV advertising

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