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Founded in 1992, Cooper is a global design and business strategy consultancy, with offices in San Francisco and New York. The mission of our work is to help organizations elevate the people, wisdom and product inside their walls by designing creative solutions that inspire loyalty and achieve ambitious business goals.

To help us in our mission, we are looking for talented user experience designers and strategists. 

You are excited about this opportunity because you will...

  • Conduct qualitative research with users and customers in wide range of industries and domains, and extract actionable insights
  • Design at multiple levels, from broad concepts to minute details
  • Be a compelling storyteller, and a determined user advocate
  • Create and test product and service prototypes
  • Practice improv
  • Participate in spirited debates, learn from and challenge your colleagues
  • Provide strategic advice to senior executives at client companies, which range from the largest to the smallest companies in the world, and everywhere in between

We are excited about you because...

  • You went to school for this. Maybe you even have a graduate degree. Or maybe you came from a different field and have a unique perspective to add to our practice.
  • You have some experience doing this sort of work. You have 5+ years of in a corporate environment, at least 3 years in design.
  • You spent at least a couple of years in a job where you talked to customers or clients. If you know how agencies work, that helps.
  • You are bright, kind, and utterly believe in collaboration. You are committed to elevating and celebrating your colleagues, and readily take shared ownership of consulting work.
  • You are independent, and self-motivated.
  • You are a clear communicator.
  • You are fluent in sketching, storyboarding, user journeys, and other basic design artifacts.
  • You have expert knowledge of design and prototyping tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Invision, and Sketch.
  • You can share some of your past work in a portfolio. 

Bonus Points

  • You are familiar with Cooper’s Goal-Directed Design methodology, courses, and books
  • You have skills in workshop and training facilitation, illustration, videography, or photography

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Big News
Cooper is joining Designit!

We are thrilled to announce that effective October 4, 2017, Cooper has joined the Designit family. Designit is a global strategic design firm with a team of 550+ designers, researchers, and technologists across 14 offices worldwide. Designit is part of the leading technology company, Wipro.