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Cameron is a Motion and Visual Designer at Cooper. His mission is creating meaningful and exciting digital experiences. He combines motion design, visual communication, and sound to create unique experiences that engage people on an emotional level.

Prior to joining Cooper, Cameron leveraged his visual design skills at DirecTV, Big Red Rooster, and The Ohio State University where he graduated with a BS in Visual Communication Design. During his off time, Cameron can be found feeding his craving for hip hop, dancing on his rooftop, traveling, or searching for ideal snowboarding conditions. 

No stranger to snow, Cameron has been on skis since he was three. 

Cameron could eat ramen 24/7 (but not the microwavable kind). 

A passion for style and addiction to sneakers may be an understatement.

Cameron is interested in space exploration and possibilities of alien life.

See what Cameron's been working on.

Visual Design

Healthcare Industry 

Personalized medicine for patients with chemo-induced anemia through a predictive oncology tool. 

Visual Design

Envisioned the fan experience for a startup sports league. 


House Videographer

Cameron filmed and edited video for the SF Service Jam 2015, as well as other Cooper case studies.

Success Story


Becoming the market leader


Designer’s Toolkit: Motion Design Storytelling

Success Story


Whole-life care for kids, simplified

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