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Cale is a visual designer at Cooper. His passion for communicating through design is combined with a special knack for addressing complex user needs with the right visual tone. Prior to joining Cooper, Cale studied illustration and painting and earned a degree in Visual Communications Design at Ohio State in Columbus before working at Grip Design in Chicago. His interest in applying the tools of illustration and design to serve businesses brought him to Cooper, where he has worked with a variety of companies including Splunk, CA Technologies, Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco, and Kurbo Health. When Cale isn't busy designing, he is probably reading Jurassic Park (again), watching superhero movies, cycling to work, swimming for exercise, or working on his illustrations. 

Ask Cale about: Dinosaurs (seriously, he never lost his childish fascination with them.)

Case in point: Cale's favorite book is Jurassic Park.

Spirit animal? A fox. He's independent, yet highly social, clever, perceptive, and shrewd.

Loves Donnie Darko.

See what Cale's been working on.

visual design

Digitized a transactional service of a bank for banks.

visual design

Envisioned a new e-commerce system.


Data Visualization

Cale helped develop curriculum for this 2014 workshop. 


2016 Interaction Awards Finalist, Kurbo. 


Best T-Shirt Design at Design Dodgeball  

We take our Dodgeball uniforms seriously.

Success Story


Becoming the market leader


A Designer’s Guide to Naming & Branding Conference Rooms

Success Story

Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco

Designing the perfect portal


Visual Interface of Voice UI

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