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Nirman Bisla

Interaction Designer

Teresa Brazen

Senior Director, Professional Education

Chris Calabrese

Senior User Experience Designer

Steve Calde

Managing Director

Nate Clinton

Managing Director

Jim Dibble

Associate Director of Design Practice

Kelly Dolan

Senior Manager, Corporate Training Partnerships.

Elisha Fitch-Cook

Senior User Experience Designer

Markus Frey


Nick Gould

President & Chief Operating Officer

Jenea Hayes

Practice Director

Sarah Knotz

Visual Designer

Jonathan Korman

Principal User Experience Designer

Iris Latour

Engagement Manager

Christian Linsey

Director of Visual Design

Dayou Lu

Director of Finance

Jayson McCauliff

Principal Visual Designer

Shannon McGarity

Director of User Experience

Jon Mysel

Managing Director

Emma Sherwood-Forbes

Director of Product Design

Tammy Su

User Experience Designer

Holly Thorsen

Associate Director, Professional Education

Cameron Winchester

Visual Designer

Winnie Yu

Finance Manager

Jen Zhao

User Experience Designer

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