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Visual Interface Design

Visual Interface Design students working together on visual elements

Learn how to design for engagement and deliver more desirable products.

Although the right features and behavior are essential to successful product design, the way they are presented can be just as important. The application of type, color, icons, and other aspects of visual design are critical to product or website usability. Visual design choices are also critical to connecting emotionally with your customers (and to selling more products). Visual interface design combines detailed interaction design, screen layout, and branding to ensure a well-conceived, well-behaved product is also a usable and desirable one.

Who should attend

Designers, developers, usability professionals, brand managers, and anyone else responsible for delivering products that are desirable as well as usable.

Course topics

  • Graphic design concepts
  • Experience attributes
  • Visual perception
  • Establishing visual relationships
  • Properties and uses of color, type, and other visual elements
  • Icons
  • Information design
  • Layout systems
  • Type systems

What participants will learn

  • Use research and personas to guide visual choices and drive consensus
  • Identify and use experience attributes to drive engagement
  • Use color, size, and other visual properties to clarify interaction and information
  • Create learnable, memorable icons
  • Adapt corporate identity to a product or website
  • Apply visual design principles to multiple platforms
  • Develop a comprehensive visual system for consistent, easy application
  • Capture work in a comprehensive visual style guide

What people are saying

“Five stars!”

“Take this course! There’s really none like it. Until now, you’d have to have taken a few graphic design classes to get this complete and focused a study.”

“Clear information that’s really useful to take back.”

“The instructors are clear, kind, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, sophisticated, and respectful!”

“I felt the presenters CARED about the topic and were experts.”

“It’s hard to come up with anything to improve. I love the class. Can’t wait for the next one!”

Custom Course

If you have a large group to train or you want a course focused on specific needs, consider treating your whole team to a custom Cooper U course.