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Visual Interface Design

Visual Interface Design students working together on visual elements

Learn how to craft products that delight users, skillfully incorporate the brand, and push your visual design skills to the next level.

Great visual design fulfills one primary goal: to deliver desirable products, services, and experiences that satisfy user needs. However, there are many obstacles that get in the way of good design, such as:

  • Strict and limiting brand guidelines
  • Lack of user research
  • Stakeholders and others think you just make things look appealing
  • Knowing how and when to work with interaction designers, a UX team, product managers, etc.

In this newly revised two-day course, we’ll help you build your visual design toolkit with new ways of thinking and working. We’ll walk you through Cooper’s Goal-directed visual design approach, with an introduction to running Brand Experience Workshops with stakeholders, hands-on practice crafting an experience strategy and visual language studies, conducting critique sessions, and much more.

What participants will learn

Our Goal-directed Visual Design process can be summarized into these main phases:

Research: Create an experience strategy that incorporates brand considerations, insights from user research, and opportunities from the product landscape.
Translate: Use the experience strategy to inform and inspire a series of visual design explorations.
Extend: Practice generative and evaluative exercises that help craft a compelling visual language.
Communicate: Express your rationale so that other visual designers, developers, and future teammates can build upon the language you’ve established.

More specifically, participants will:

  • Identify strategic ways to be a part of the entire design process from project kick-off to documentation/development.
  • Develop a common vocabulary that communicates what the brand is trying to achieve.
  • Learn how to conduct research from a visual design perspective to gain insights that will guide design decisions that consider user’s goals, environment, and needs.
  • Create an experience strategy that includes the brand’s promise, insights from users, and competitive analysis, to inform interface and interaction elements.
  • Conduct visual design explorations to generate ideas and find the best solutions.
  • Use sketching as a form of communication and exploration.
  • Create a visual language for a sample project.
  • Evaluate and refine the visual language using design principles to reduce cognitive and visual work for your users.
  • Learn how and when to integrate interaction design so that you can influence how behavior is visually supported at the right time.
  • Learn how to stay grounded in user goals and context when creating UI elements.
  • Evaluate how the visual language influences the final experience while iterating quickly and cheaply.
  • Learn how to get stakeholder buy-in and feedback through the design process.
  • Express your rationale by presenting and documenting design decisions that enables others to build off of what you have done, while maintaining the integrity of your work.

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Who should attend

  • Experienced Visual Designers who want to learn a new process, and ways of thinking and working.
  • Visual Designers who want to communicate their value and get buy-in for their work.
  • Those who want to learn about the impact Visual Designers can have on a team, process, and product.
  • Managers who want to leverage the design process in order to empower their teams to deliver great user-centered solutions.

What people are saying

“Five stars!”

“Take this course! There’s really none like it. Until now, you’d have to have taken a few graphic design classes to get this complete and focused a study.”

“Clear information that’s really useful to take back.”

“The instructors are clear, kind, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, sophisticated, and respectful!”

“I felt the presenters CARED about the topic and were experts.”

“It’s hard to come up with anything to improve. I love the class. Can’t wait for the next one!”

Organizational Training

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