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UX Boot Camp

UX Boot Camp students gathered for training.

Learn user experience design and use your powers for social good.

Cooper’s UX Boot Camp is an intensive, immersive four-day design training class targeting designers, developers, and product managers who have product design experience but want to take their product design skills and processes to the next level. In short, it’s where people become design leaders. Guided by industry experts, students will learn Cooper’s goal-directed design process while working on a real-world product. The class is built around hands-on activities, conducted in pairs and small teams. Participants will learn to:

  • Set the stage for effective collaboration
  • Define product and service ecosystems
  • Design research methods from guerrilla tactics to in-depth studies
  • Synthesize research data into actionable next steps
  • Model personas and build empathy for their current situation
  • Storyboard future concepts
  • Design a seamless framework for a multi-platform experience
  • Learn how to go beyond features and design for engagement

At the end of the course, you’ll have new tools in your design toolkit, and a well-articulated design concept for a real product that you can add to your portfolio.

Cooper’s Next UX Boot Camp

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Who should attend

Design practitioners, developers, product managers, marketers, usability professionals, and decision-makers who have some experience creating products but want to take their skills and processes to the next level.

About UX Boot Camp

Cooper’s UX Boot Camp is a traveling four-day class that targets multiple national and international regions throughout the year. Each UX Boot Camp is unique in that we partner with a local non-profit or startup organization to determine a real-world problem that can be helped with a digital application.

What participants will learn

  • Use games for innovation to articulate a shared product vision with stakeholders
  • Learn techniques for studying people to uncover their dreams, hidden assumptions, and unmet needs
  • Identify experience attributes to set the emotional tone of your product
  • Model personas that build empathy and provide a common design target for your teams
  • Storyboard scenarios to explore your future product in different contexts over time
  • Sketch the design framework for mobile, tablet, or an entire product ecosystem
  • Lead effective design reviews to take your concepts from good to great

What people are saying

“Our collaboration with Cooper has brought tremendous value to our teams as well as our organization. Their energy and passion has made each session an absolute joy.”

“One of the best take aways is using Cooper’s methodologies in a real world scenario and problem solving. I’ve been reading textbooks, tweets, blogs on the subject for months, but nothing beats getting your hands down and dirty.”

Custom Course

If you have a large group to train or you want a course focused on specific needs, consider treating your whole team to a custom Cooper U course.