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Interaction Design

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Cooper’s Goal-Directed Design framework will empower you to create digital products people love.

Learn about Personas and Goal-Directed Design from the people who invented them! Our course is a mixture of lecture and hands-on workshop led by senior Cooper staff. First, we’ll provide in-depth demonstrations on Goal-Directed Design, and then class participants will practice using these methods to design an exciting example product (hint: the product focus is public transportation). This course serves as the foundation for the rest of our Cooper U curriculum.

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Who should attend

Product planners, developers, marketers, usability professionals, design practitioners, and managers who are committed to creating a great customer experience.

Course topics

  • Identifying, clarifying, and reframing business opportunities and product strategy
  • Planning and conducting field research to develop a deep understanding of your users
  • Turning research data into a set of personas that guide (and sell!) the design
  • Using scenarios and goals to identify and prioritize requirements
  • Using scenarios to define the right interaction framework
  • Applying these methods to everything from pie-in-the-sky innovation to minor product updates

What participants will learn

  • Plan and conduct user research using powerful ethnographic techniques
  • Distinguish what users say they want from what they really need
  • Translate your observations into personas, goals, and scenarios
  • Develop and prioritize requirements based on user and business goals
  • Quickly turn requirements into a concrete product concept

What people are saying

“This is commercially grounded, highly captivating, very interactive, a lot of fun, and has given me something to take back which I’m confident I can apply. The cost benefit is not an issue—this has to be taken by our designers.”

“Highly recommended! Even as an experienced designer I both learned a lot and got a sanity check for the work I’m doing. I’m totally energized!”

“The Cooper U Interaction Design training was one of the most valuable professional training courses I’ve taken in my career. My instructor was fantastic, the course material and activities were great, and the hands-on work with peers fostered good collaboration and teamwork. I’m definitely recommending it to my colleagues!”

“Fantastic. Excellent instruction and clear explanation of topics, which are laid out in a methodical way. Lots of hands-on exercises to try out concepts. An intense 3-days and well worth the time.”

“The instructors were very knowledgeable and willing to share! I think because they "do" as well as "teach" they are extremely effective.”

Organizational Training

If you have a large group or you want a combination of courses and workshops suited your team’s unique needs, we can bring Cooper U to you.