User Experience + Product Design

Research + Strategy

Getting to great design starts with people. By understanding users and their domain at a deep level, we uncover the big opportunities and help your organization develop a clearer picture of the needs and goals of the people at the heart of your product or service.

Case Study: Thomson Reuters

Ideation + Exploration

Designing the future means thinking big. Through facilitated workshops and targeted exploration, we push beyond the everyday to find those great experiences that delight users. We test the limits of the possible to help you find your next giant leap forward.

Article: If you want a game-changer, you need to change the game

Interaction Design

“Simple” is never easy. Our designs draw on decades of doing interaction design to deliver award-winning product experiences, from consumer apps to complex medical devices. We sweat the details, and make sure taking the step from solution to development is as seamless as possible.

Case Study: Task Rabbit

Visual Design + Branding

Your interface is your brand. Color, shape, texture, and type combine to set the tone and timbre of the user experience. Our expert visual designers work with you to find the right balance of visual elements to express and differentiate your brand, which can make the difference between disappointment and delight.

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System + Service Design

Great user experience is more than great screens. Users interact with a product or brand in a myriad of times and places. We take a system-level, goal-oriented approach to design the right experience for your users across the full spectrum of touchpoints they interact with as they navigate your service.

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Prototyping + Development

Seeing is believing. We build prototypes to help you test hypotheses in the marketplace, build internal momentum around a product idea, pitch to investors, and serve as a “living” reference for your development team. And if you want a production website or app developed and launched, we do that, too.

Case Study: Practice Fusion

Training + Mentoring

Culture + Leadership Mentoring

Sometimes, the biggest obstacles are the ones right under our noses. Leverage our years of experience mentoring and training leaders at companies big and small to help you build and manage a successful design team, make the transition to an agile and user-centered culture, and align your organization to shared design principles that foster innovation.

Case Study: Citrix

Cooper U

We preach what we practice. We wrote the books on interaction design, and we’ve spent the last decade training thousands of UX designers, product managers, engineers, and business leaders in UX design principles, research methods, visual design, and agile product development. Join your peers and our crack team of instructors to learn something new, practice a skill, get inspired, and have fun.

Upcoming courses

Onsite + Custom Training

If you have a large group to train or you want a course focused on specific needs, consider treating your whole team to a Cooper U course. Our standard courses work well for most companies, but if off-the-shelf just won’t do, we’ll work with you to develop a customized program. We often provide abbreviated versions of our standard courses, exercises that relate to your current projects, or one-day workshops that combine training with design consulting to solve specific problems.

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