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Pixate is ideal for prototyping complex animations or interactions for mobile apps (iOS and Android).

Prototypes are built with sliced images from existing mocks that must be imported into Pixate. There are no UI elements available within the tool, only layers, actions, and animations.


  • Live simulation of prototype on device with Pixate app; updates in real-time.
  • Fine-grain control for adding interactivity and animations to individual elements.
  • Generates a native iOS or Android prototype.
  • Support for multiple gesture-based interactions (eg. tap, double tap, pinch, etc.)
  • High fidelity output for animations without writing any code.
  • Option to share prototype with other via text link or URL.


  • Moderate learning curve; took some time to get oriented as a first-time user.
  • No ability to preview prototype on desktop; can only preview on mobile device.
  • No pages within a prototype; had to simulate pages by using layers that were groups of other layers.
  • No clear way to create a scrollable area (was unable to figure out how to do this).
  • No controls for adjusting images or elements; had to slice images before bringing into Pixate.
  • No features for creating elements in the app.

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