Jason Csizmadi

  • Principle Visual Designer

Jason is a Principle Visual Designer at Cooper. He is a multidisciplinary designer with a focus on creating high-quality engaging user experiences. With a background in illustration, he is a strong intuitive, independent thinker who believes design is an empowering and collaborative process.

Prior to joining Cooper, Jason worked on a vast array of award-winning products and services for companies such as the NFL Network, Verizon, Sprint, Cheetos, British Airways, Clifbar and Microsoft. When not working at Cooper you can find Jason playing video games, watching football with his new wife, hiking and exploring antique fairs looking for new and interesting furniture items.

Never fear nerds! Jason speaks your language.
Jason thinks that 1978's Superman might be the best movie ever.
Jason could get by without many things, video games is not one of them.
Jason is basically the Captain Awesome of Cooper.

What I'm Up To

Visual Design

Crafted a mobile platform for that fosters interaction between chefs and foodies.

Visual Design

Envisioned the fan experience for a startup sports league.

Visual Design

Took this social media channel and service to a new level with new mobile and web interface designs. 

Education: Cooper U

Visual Design

Jason shares all of his  design tricks and tools as a lead teacher in this class. 


Offering just-in-time design consulting to health and wellness startups.


Jason did the visual design for About Face.

Visual Design

Web Team

Keeping Cooper's website in tip-top shape. 

Topic Page

Tools of the Trade

Tips, tricks, workflow, and how not to get bogged down by it all.


2015 International Interaction Awards Finalist, National Pro Grid League.

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