Chris Noessel

  • Design Fellow

Chris is our First Design Fellow here at Cooper. His industry experience ranges from owning a small, museum-focused company in Houston to working with Microsoft’s futures prototyping group in Seattle. For marchFIRST he was Director of Information Architecture, conducting research and design for notable websites such as Apple, SEGA, and Harmon Kardon. He was one of the founding graduates of the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea. Chris is a frequent international educator and speaker, evangelizing interaction design around the world. 

Cooper's longstanding symposiarch of Halloween
has a crush on New Zealand
Captain Charles T. Baker in the movie Planet 51 looks scarily just. like. him.
His favorite self- invented word is "extrospective" (or maybe "anticimissing")

What I'm Up To

ixd: generator

Unified a spectrum of mobile and desktop financial applications. 

ixd: generator

Empowered kids to reach their goals. 

ixd: generator

Consulting for consultants.

education: Cooper U

Interaction Design

Chris has taught this class all over the world, from Sydney to Berlin. 


Chris is a co-author of About Face 4


Self Study IxD

How can you make those first steps to getting more familiar with the field?


Design the Future Topic Page

Tools, insights, and technologies for long-now design.


Chris has spoken more than 50 times including speaking and keynoting Macworld, SXSW, Adaptive Path, Construct, MobX, Device Design Day, CHI, Øredev, and the BoingBoing inaugural conference. 

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