Interaction14 - Thoughts on Collaboration and Communication

The final day of Interaction14 was full of talks about collaboration and communication. Let’s kick off with a talk from our own Chris Noessel on a practice that is central to how Cooperistas design.

(side note: you can find sketchnotes from Thursday‘s and Friday‘s talks here)

Pair Design and Why You Need It

Chris Noessel (@ChrisNoessel)

Sketchnote by @KShimmell

Pair Design and Why You Need It Big Idea:

  1. Two brains = different perspectives
  2. Articulation - crystalize your idea by communicating it to someone else
  3. Efficiency - partners help you focus and keep you on task
  4. Knowledge share - elevate the everyone’s skills by swapping partners occasionally.
  5. Acid test - partners help you find the nuggets of gold in your idea
  6. Human(e) IxD - Pair Design = Happy Designers

In short: Get out of your own head! Design in pairs.

(Full disclosure: Pair Design is something near and dear to us Cooperistas. So if you want an in-person explanation about why it’s so great, check out one of our classes in Interaction Design or Design Leadership.)

Full description of Pair Design and Why You Need It here.

Continuing on the idea of collaboration Dan Brown shared ways to overcome conflict at work.

Stop Fighting, Start Designing

Dan Brown (@brownorama)

Sketchnote by @ChrisNoessel

Stop Fighting, Start Designing Big Idea:

Be honest with yourself (and your co-workers) about your approaches, outputs, and behaviors.

- Dan Brown

Full description of Start Fighting, Start Designing here.

Typography at the Intersection of Design, Technologies, and Language

Peter Bil’ak (@peterbilak)

Sketchnote by @dybbsy

Typography at the Intersection of Design, Technologies and Language Big Idea:

Type is everywhere. From the moment, you wake up to when you go to sleep and lasts for years beyond the products and apps we design.

Full description of Typography at the Intersection of Design, Technologies and Language here.

Interacting in the Global City

Saskia Sassen (@saskiasassen)

Sketchnote by @ChrisNoessel

Sketchnote by @dybbsy

Interacting in the Global City Big Idea:

A city is a place those without power can make their presence known.

- Saskia Sassen

Full description of Interacting in the Global City here.


We’re thrilled to share that Kevin Gaunt has won the Interaction14 Student Design Challenge!

Photo by @Daveixd

Thanks for checking out the sketchnote recaps from Interaction14. We’ll see you all next year in San Francisco for IxD15!

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