WTF, Evolution?

Designing for Unnatural Selection at the next Cooper Parlor

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Upcoming Salon: WTF, Evolution? Designing for Unnatural Selection

Moderator: Zak Brazen, Creative Strategist, Brazenworks Cost: $10 When: Thursday, May 23rd from 6:30-8:30 (doors open at 6) Where: Cooper Offices, 85 2nd St, 8th Floor, San Francisco, CA Get your tickets here. Like it or not, the sixth wave of extinction is upon us. By the end of the century nearly 50% of all species on the planet will be gone. Most will perish simply because they do not have enough time to adapt to rapidly changing environmental conditions. But what if there were gadgets (or services) that would help plants and animals transcend time and make the evolutionary leap? What if there was a Whole Earth Catalog for the non- human among us (eat your heart out, Stewart Brand)? In this seriously tongue-in-cheek Parlor, Creative Strategist Zak Brazen, of Brazenworks Design and Ingenuity Lab, will explore design opportunities for the near future, when plants and animals are your clients. Parlor participants will imagine, prototype and design tools, gadgets and services that give plants and animals the resources they need to cope with climate change in real time. Disruptive? To say the least. Save your spot now, before these seats become extinct.

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Carlos F
Any chance of making this talk available via streaming or published in the near future for those who live far from SF? Thnxs
Teresa Brazen
Hi Carlos! We'll be filming the event tomorrow night and posting it on our blog shortly after. During the Parlor, we'll be taking and posting pictures on Facebook and on Twitter. Hope that helps!

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