The Drawing Board: Smart Checks

Here at Cooper, we find that looking at the world from the perspective of people and their goals causes us to notice a lot of bad interactions in our daily lives. We can’t help but pick up a whiteboard marker to scribble out a better idea. We put together “The Drawing Board”, a series of narrated sideshows, to showcase some of this thinking.

Almost everyone enjoys a great meal out with friends, but splitting the bill can be unnecessarily complicated. In this Drawing Board, Cooper designers turn their attentions to the way groups of people pay the check while dining out.

Credits: Greg Schuler, Peter Duyan , Bo Ah Kwon , Suzy Thompson and Chris Noessel.

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I'm certain the day is coming where restaurant tabs are paid via swiping a portable payment system. Hoorah for this idea. My only concern was that, in large groups, marking what items are shared can be complicated for a server. And I wondered whether you'd let the patrons have control over changing the tab (if, say, the server incorrectly marked an item as shared). It got me thinking though--- and that is the fun part. Thank you!
Ivan Bachev
Solving the bill splitting issue - In this case raises another – the order input. Could be solved if the device is “owned” by the waiter and he is using it as a pad to input the orders for each seat / read the order to the cook room / and then share with the table so that everyone can pay for what he has ordered – could work great. I have experienced another possible solution at a Munich restaurant / /, but it is much more expensive and requires investment in the restaurant infrastructure.
I'd say Electric! I can almost here the music she's dainncg to. Lovely looseness. You're going to Comicon Right? Take Care Mr Colman & hope to see you there!
kamish tulloch
i dont like this movie beaused it is foolish i dont see the sense in it thay are so fool why some_one whould not want to go to a resterant only a foolish person do that see you

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