Kim Goodwin's IxDA keynote on Slideshare


Kim Goodwin delivered the closing keynote at interaction 09 on Sunday, and it's now available on Slideshare.

Clarification: We've posted only the slides and notes on Slideshare. We'll post a link to the video of the presentation when it is available on the IxDA website.

The title of the presentation is "Each One, Teach One," and it discusses the future direction of interaction design as a profession. We've seen demand for our services increase dramatically over the past few years, and, in order to continue to respond to this demand, we need to make more of us. Part of the solution involves creating academic programs to provide the foundation for learning the craft of interaction design; another part is to create a culture of mentorship. This means that all of us need to learn to teach what we do.

As Kim says, "[Being a good mentor] takes good listening, observation, and collaboration skills. It takes imagination, because you have to see the potential in someone who isn’t yet able to demonstrate everything they’re capable of. It takes a willingness to explore and wander a bit instead of going down the path of least resistance."

Check it out, and tell us what you think.


Jonathan van Wijngaarden
This must have been an inspiring key note. Being a master's degree student in Human-Technology Interaction I feel a bit like the person to come out of the box =) I am almost ready to call myself an interaction designer, usability expert or whatever my future employer would like to call it... :) about the slide show; it would be so nice to see the real presentations. If that is possible somewhere I would be very interested to know.
Doug LeMoine
Hi, Jonathan. The IxDA is going to post the videos of the presentations online at some point, not sure when. When they do, we'll post something on the Journal. Thanks!

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