IxDA-SF holiday party. w00t!


We had a blast at last night's very rockin' IxDA holiday party here in San Francisco, featuring the excellent sounds of My First Earthquake (fronted by ex-Cooperista Rebecca Bortman), Nobody from Ipanema, and The Invisible Cities.

This seems like a good occasion to extend some serious props to Dani Malik and Kim Lenox. They've taken IxDA-SF from its fledgling incarnation as a networking happy hour to what it is today — a vibrant community centered around a series of monthly presentations and discussions that span the diverse perspectives and backgrounds that make up the field of interaction design. Big thanks to Dani, Kim, and the IxDA-SF crew for making this happen.

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Josh Williams
And extending a some love back, it's only thanks to the support of community leaders like Cooper that the event was able to happen in the first place. - JDW PS: I enjoyed getting a chance to throw back holiday booze with you and your fellow Cooperistas.

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