The Drawing Board: Our Building's Elevator

Here at Cooper, we find that looking at the world from the perspective of users and their goals makes us notice a lot of bad interactions in our daily lives. Being solution-minded designers, we can’t help but pick up a whiteboard marker to scribble out a better idea. (Just ask our partners and friends—we really can’t help ourselves).

This sort of thing makes a fun thought exercise, so we thought we’d share it with you as a series of narrated slide shows we’ve called “The Drawing Board.” These aren’t meant to be slick, highly-produced demos—just some ideas we’ve thrown up on the board to stimulate thought and discussion. So…enjoy. Discuss. Design.

The Drawing Board: Our Building's Elevator on Vimeo. Credits: Chris Noessel and Stefan Klocek.


Even better: build a horizontal shaft to transport the elevator from the 0-21 shaft across to the 21-27 shaft, thereby eliminating the dual elevator problem and being very cool in the process!
What a beautiful episode. Thanx a lot! :) Jan --
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