The sCoop: February 17

Everyone’s finalizing their plans for SxSW, especially Alan as he gets ready for his talk with Richard Scoble. Be sure to make the moment if you’re in Austin Friday, March 9 at 5PM.

Nick spied a few new favorites for many in the office, including Clear and a huge list of style guides.

Not to be outdone finding jewels among dross, Raphael pointed out jetBlue’s nice new site, and an interesting behind-the-scenes peek at security in modern operating systems.

We’re getting our design mise en place for our new design partnership with Chefs Feed.

Susan and the team continue to lead RockHealth’s early stage and pre-VC startups with her inimitable design insights and skills, this week in cahoots with Jim on personas.

Cooper U Interaction Design session March 6-9 is almost full so get your seat now and follow it up with the Design Communication & Collaboration session March 12-13.

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Visit Cooper’s Open Studio June 14

Come on over Tuesday, June 14 at 6PM as part of SF Design Week to check out our view, talk design, and hear an informal vignette from Chris Noessel and Nathan Shedroff’s upcoming book “Make It So,” about the lessons interface designers can learn from scifi. If we’re in luck, we’ll see at least one explosion and a clip featuring Patrick Stewart. Read More