Doug LeMoine

  • Managing Director

Doug is a Managing Director at Cooper. In his current role, Doug spends his time cultivating the design practice at Cooper, and guiding teams during projects. He also takes responsibility for making Cooper easy to use (for staff and clients alike), thoughtfully crafting policies and practices, removing obstacles, and trying to bring goal-directedness to all office operations.

In his more than ten years at Cooper, his design work has revealed risk in mutual fund portfolios, helped orthopedic surgeons wield bone saws, and created a friendly way for elderly people to monitor and communicate about their health. He has worked on numerous projects for clients in financial services and healthcare including startups and Fortune 500 companies. In his spare time Doug is an avid runner and reader, an even more avid baseball fan, and a perpetual intermediate dad and husband.

Nerd: Pre-Internet fantasy baseball commissioner.
Weird coincidence: Met his wife a few weeks after retiring as fantasy baseball commissioner.
Hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, offset weight loss with enormous beard growth.
Has only been on two reality shows

What I'm Up To

Managing Director


Doug is always on the look out for people who elevate Cooper’s design practice. 

Creative Leadership

Engagement Lead

Doug finds the right designers for each project and fosters the relationship between design teams and clients.

Creative Leadership

Making Cooper easy to use 

Creating an organization for designers by designers. 

Engagement Lead

Unified a spectrum of mobile and desktop financial applications. 

Engagement Lead
Top Secret

Airline Industry

Crafted a new mobile payment system for the loyalty program of a major airline.

IXD: Synthesizer

Articulated sophisticated means of mapping telecom networks and planning for smart growth. 


Co-author of About Face 4. 


Offering just-in-time design consulting to health and wellness startups.


Lean UX

An interview with Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden. 

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